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Make working out at home work for you!

To help ensure you are getting the most from your workouts, I have selected some versatile, affordable fitness equipment that I will be using in my PowerRush classes to help you get the most out of your workouts. This gear is easy to store and will give that extra level of effectiveness to help you stay both safe and fit at home.*


high step

Ideal step for at home workouts. Easy to adjust to varying levels, you can do so many exercises with this bad boy.


mini bands

These mini bands are great! Start with a few of the green and red bands, or you can go lighter or heavier to adapt to your fitness levels.



These are longer bands that are great to add more variety for strength and flexibility based exercises. Getting one of each up until the purple band (Heavy) is all you would need.



This set goes up to 15lbs. Please note that dumbbells are still hard to come by. 

Glute bands.png


4 sizes to allow for glute activation, glute building and glute strengthening exercises. High quality and great value.

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High Density Foam Roller
36 inches

Basic foam roller to help relieve muscle soreness. Will be used during Power Rush Recovery classes!


grid 2.o roller
26 inches

Looking to really break up muscle adhesions? This roller will do just that. Provides a deep tissue massage for those of you who need it!

*I'm an affiliate partner with Power-Systems. If any item is purchased to completion using the links below, I will receive a commission. There is no extra charge for you! Just another way to support me in this endeavor. ​

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